Copyright 1986

C.A.D.S. has successfully rescued the President from Washington and are now heading back to White Sands. First they have to deal with some cannibalistic mutants at a farmhouse. Then a Soviet squad of helicopters but they do manage to make it to the base. There they find a coup has taken place and must then defeat the rebels. After getting settled in Col Dean Sturgis and his Omega Force must go out on another mission. Intelligence points that the Soviets plan to use the port at Charleston, South Carolina as a major launch point to conquer America. So the C.A.D.S. force must travel back to the east coast and destroy the Soviet ships coming into port. Along the way they meet a corrupt industrialist named Pinky Ellis and have to fight his men. Than at Charleston they use the suits to go underwater and destroy the Soviet transports and naval vessels. After that success they find a base for their East Coast operations deep in the Okefenokee Swamp. An old island called Refuge Island where escaped slaves during pre-Civil War days established a society. First they must defeat some evil cannibalistic swamp scum and free their captive women.

So the second book sees Ryder Syvertson take over the series all by himself. Jan Stacy moved on to do the balls to the walls wacko series The Last Ranger. Definitely worth checking out as Ryder got rid of Sturgis’s pitbull named Excaliber. Which I’m sure was a Stacy creation but you can read about this goofy human-dog relationship in his series.

Actually I think Syvertson may have been the better writer. I really enjoyed this second book much better than the first. It seems more focused and flowed better. Still it has all the elements you expect from a book from this time. The villains are truly loathsome. Pinky Ellis a corrupt industrialist is super fat, cheated the government with his substandard equipment and sold to the Russians. He also keeps a woman as a sex slave and his just a general A-hole. The Soviets are deliciously evil and decadent. Supreme Marshal Veloshnikov takes glee in seeing all the dead Americans from the neutron bombing of Charleston. He berates some of his men for not showing the same glee. He also goes on about the Capitalist waste of Americans but insists on taking a palatial mansion that reminds him of Tara for his personal HQ. The Greysuit general Petrin spends his time in a townhouse in Georgetown playing looted video games and watching movies. They condemn the American lifestyle but insist on living it.

The heroes are also a bit over the top. The resistance called the Revengers are hillbillies that Sturgis has to convince to not feud with one another and fight the Russians. A TV televangelist who is secretly passing on intelligence using a code that is linked to biblical scripture. Of course Dean the leader is always worrying about his wife Robyn but finds time to go to poundtown with a young hillbilly sexpot. Oh and the C.A.D.S. suits in addition to flying can also go underwater. This is a classic series.


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