Copyright 1985.

Christmas Eve 1997. The Soviets decide to launch a surprise preemptive nuclear attack against the U.S. Using their advanced technology they can track every nuclear sub and take them out. Their satellites knock out America’s early warning satellites. Laser defenses are to knock out America’s response. The attack succeeds with a resounding victory for the Soviets. They do lose Leningrad and nineteen other cities but they complete pound America into the ground. Now hordes of Soviet troops are invading the east coast. The President and his cabinet are trapped in the war room beneath the White House in a neutron bombed Washington.

Yet there is one force still around to fight the Soviets. At the secret base in White Sands, New Mexico are the C.A.D.S. or Computerized Attack/Defense System. Seven foot tall armored suits designed to function in a post-nuclear environment. Armed with machine guns, liquid plastic flamethrowers, darts and e-balls they are formidable weapons. Under Colonel Dean Sturgis U.S.A.F the C.A.D.S. head out to Washington to rescue the President. Their trip is across a nuked out America with the various hordes of crazies, rapists and murderers that these apocalypses usually bring out. They make it to Washington were the President is besieged by Soviets including their own version of giant battlesuits called the Grey Suits. An epic battle ensues for the future of America.

So back in the eighties I found this series. Looking at it doesn’t look all that exciting. The title sound like some kind of computer program and the cover is a nondescript picture of some futuristic laser handgun. Well luckily for me I did check it out and read on the back Soviets invading after a nuclear war. So I grabbed that up right away because that was my thing back then. In it was a fun exciting action packed story. The Soviets are their typical evil and decadent selves. The main baddie is a Marshal Veloshnikov has a personal grudge against the Americans for killing his family in the bombing of north Vietnam during the war. Now he sits in this huge sub called the Lenin stocked with women and delicacies. They have parties that Caligula would probably find a bit too much.

This book was written by the team of Syvertson Ryder and Jan Stacy. The duo that brought us the awesome Doomsday Warrior series. In fact this could be a prequel to that series. Soviets launch a surprise attack and conquer the world. A brave group of American resistance fighters operating out of a secret underground base in the west. The main leader is the quintessential alpha male. Sturgis has a wife named Robin who has a subplot of her surviving after the war and Sturgis always worrying about finding her. Yet he does have time at a rest in West Virginia to have sex with a beautiful eighteen year old virgin. I mean this guy is just too manly to be contained. Just like Ted Rockson from the Doomsday Warrior.

Yes the whole concept of the Soviets launching an amphibious assault across the Atlantic is absurd. Yet it is a fun goofyness that I loved as a teen back in those days. So instead of mutant creatures you get seven foot tall flying computer suits armed to the teeth. Otherwise it is the Doomsday Warrior. It isn’t as good but then again what is.

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