Copyright 1992.

Sometime in 1997 the white supremacist groups managed to take over twenty western and mid-western state. Then they succeeded and fought a civil war with nuclear weapons. What became known as Revolution II fragmented the country into four factions. The National Front the neo-Nazis faction later invaded Florida using nuclear weapons and now occupies it. From this arises John Firecloud a Seminole who is trained to be a shaman. With his compound bow he starts a resistance. His first act is to ambush a helicopter which he than hides. This is important later.

So the NF under Commandant Joseph Groll who heads the occupation of Florida has a plan. His operative has placed several bio-nukes, nukes that combine with the Black Plague to destroy Atlanta.(Yeah the science behind this goes over my head too.) Atlanta happens to be the capital of the Free State Union which controls the south. It is scheduled to host a Tri-territorial summit between the non-NF states of Texas and the Japanese controlled east coast.(I guess the early nineties Japan looked like they would take over everything.)

The plan to stop this. Firecloud needs to rescue the captive FSU scientist that developed the bio-nuke from a NF fortress. They need someone to fly the helicopter Firecloud has. Luckily a pilot is part of Groll’s carnival as a knife thrower. So together with his beautiful Chinese-American girlfriend and two acrobatic dwarf twins named Marcus One and Marcus Two the group infiltrates the train carrying the carnival and frees the pilot. Then they assault the fortress with it. Unfortunately the NF knows they are coming because of a traitor but that doesn’t matter because Firecloud is so awesome. He throws one of the elite NF ambushers out the window and the others flee taking the scientist. A helicopter chase later and the scientist is free and Free Atlanta is saved.

Wow this book is bad. It is gloriously bad. The Seminole John Firecloud is the perfect sensitive man. He doesn’t like using guns because they can kill so easily. Yet he knows how to use them and does. He also has feelings of guilt for everyone he kills but still kills them. Then there’s the bad guys. First you have mutants known as White Trash going around killing and raping. Apparently only white people are effected by the fallout. These guys make the ones in Deliverance look like Rhodes Scholars.

Then you have the National Front which is clearly evil Nazis. To emphasize this they use a swastika and their commandant has a picture of Heinrich Himmler in his office. The Commandant Groll has this salivatory gland disorder that makes him constantly drool buckets. He likes to sit in his office and play with his dioramas of carnivals. The second in command Lt. Varnum Slade (apparently the NF has a small officer pool to have a lieutenant as second in command) is your typical Aryan sadist. Then the whole elements were just obsurd. Like how does a country based in the west and mid-west have access to invade Florida. Let’s not forget the bio-nuke which we find out at the end isn’t real. The scientist faked it because the NF were determined to have this. I mean the bombs they planted were real nukes but couldn’t spread plague. Of course by this time the reader could care less. This was a rich reading experience. What’s more is two more books were written in this series and they were also winners as we will see in future posts.


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