Copyright 2002

It is 2009 in Gilette, Wyoming and a group of young transgenics escape from the Manticore facility. Max and her siblings were breed to be genetic super-soldiers for the government. Max manages to hook up with a kindly woman and adopted into her family. Eventually the abusive father forces her to flee and she makes her way to a street gang living in the abandoned Mann Chinese theater in Hollywood. The gang survives in this post-pulse America. A dystopian world where terrorists set off an electro-magnetic pulse that sends the country into third world status. One day she sees a pirate video from Eyes Only that shows one of her brother transgenics Seth that escaped with her. So she heads off to Seattle and along the way makes friends with Original Cindy. The two get jobs at a bike messenger service called Jam Pony. Yet the evil Colonel Lydecker from Manticore is hot on her trail. Along with a billionaire computer mogul involved in smuggling art, the Russian leader of a gang from L.A. that wiped out her former gang and Colonel Lydecker all meet up at the abandoned Space Needle for a big showdown.

Back at the turn of the century James Cameron fresh off his success with Titanic developed a new series. It was a cyberpunk series set in the future of 2019 after a terrorist attack crashes the U.S. economy. I found it an enjoyable series but it was a victim of poor timing. The cyberpunk genre was at its end. Also the 9/11 attacks soured people on a dystopian future when the present was looking pretty dark. Kind of fun to read about the future of 2019 when you are actually living in 2019. Reading it you see that the 2019 envisioned is really transporting the nineties to 2019. Which is what most future based stories are. Just transposing the present to the future.

A trilogy was released after the series was cancelled. This one was a prequel to the pilot and gives some backstory to what Max did in the years between her escape and ending up in Seattle. An OK story if reading somewhat like an average TV show. Still brings back a lot of nostalgic memories for this forgotten TV series.


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