Copyright 1991.

The Vice President of the U.S. is on a mission to Peru. Captain Jefferson “Oz” Davis Carson and his Night Stalkers are assigned to escort him. The vicious terrorist insurgency Sendero Luminoso or The Shining Path plan to attack the meeting and take the Vice President and Peruvian president hostage. They succeed and now Oz and his men must stage a daring rescue.

In a subplot an American geologist Harlan Lloyd is helping a small village fight off Shining Path guerrillas while searching for gold. He finds it and manages to get the Peruvian government to send help. The Night Stalkers are also assigned after the successful mission to rescue the Vice President. With Peruvian special forces, some civilian contractors with a new automated weapon system and the Night Stalkers they fight off hordes of Shining Path to save the village.

So this entry in the series actually is set in a real country. A real country with a very real insurgent group. The Shining Path did terrorize the countryside in the ’80s and ’90s. Formed by a crackpot Marxist philosophy professor the group combined the teachings of Mao with Incan mysticism. I like that they use real settings and terrorist groups instead of fictional countries. It makes it more realistic. This was actually two stories in one book. The first was the drama with the attempted kidnapping of the VP and Peruvian president. A subplot with the American engineer then merges into the main story line for the end of the book. I enjoyed this story. Plenty of action and an informative history lesson about Peru.

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