Copyright 1991.

Lieutenant Erin Croll of the Royal Navy has just been passed over for promotion. He is also a psychopath. So what do psychopaths who control a destroyer do when they are passed over. In Croll’s case he arranges to take over the HMS Fox with like minded men and go into the business of a pirate. His mutineers mercilessly gun down the crew not in the mutiny and then they fake the sinking of the ship. Then its off to the Caribbean. A drug lord they were going to work for betrays them so Croll goes into business for himself. He raids drug shipments from the drug lord and also decides to capture pleasure yachts, kill the crew and sell the boats. He is making a fortune.

The many disappearances are noticed and the U.S. government decides to sent the Night Stalkers under Captain Jefferson “Oz” Davis Carson to investigate. Operating from the new battleship Montana they soon discover the renegade destroyer. His elite choppers and the battleship go up against the destroyer in an exciting showdown.

So this entry has a new twist. A psycho takes over a destroyer and goes into the business of piracy. A bit far fetched but within the realm of possible. The way they accomplish it was believable and I suppose that that would get themselves a tidy fortune. I guess the author didn’t know that the days of the battleship were fast approaching it’s end. Not only would they never commission a new one but the ones currently active were soon to be turned into floating museums because those WWII behemoths were very expensive. I give high marks for coming up with a unique and original idea for a story.


  1. Graham

    I’ve read this one (I have an interest in novels with fictional warships.) and I I’d like to disagree with you on one thing, from my reading the Montana is a fictional refitted Iowa Class, not a new build.

    Good story, if pretty farfetched though.

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