Copyright 1991.

The nation of East Sahra is about to erupt into a civil war. Formed from the parts of the former Western Sahara territory it was given to a loyal Bedouin tribe by Morocco for its help in putting down the Polisario Front. Now minority tribes are arming against the dominant tribe and its king. America sends the Night Stalkers on a mission of peace. Their job to escort the crown prince to a peace conference. Right away the mission runs into trouble as unmarked Mirage fighter jets attack the mission destroying half the helicopters. Later they deliver the prince but he is kidnapped after someone spikes the food for the conference. Now Captain Jefferson “Oz” Davis and his helicopters must track down the kidnapped prince. They have to negotiate a hostile government, warring tribes, bandits and a Marxist rebel group to stop a bloody civil war.

So the fourth one has the Night Stalkers go to this fictional country in Africa. Also once again they have plenty of action including some very improbable fights with jet fighters that are shot down using anti-tank missiles. The plot is fast paced with many twists and turns to keep the reader’s interest. Filled with conspiracies, assassins, foreign intrigue and a government plot make this another fun entry in the series.


  1. Great review. The “anti-tank/AA missiles” got me thinking. With this fiction, it’s all too frequently an “either-or”, where you get inaccurate details BUT a good story or accurate details but not a good story.

    To some extent this is “do you want it to be realistic OR exciting”, but it also represents author skill differences.

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