Copyright 1990.

The Paris air show is going on and Jefferson “Oz” Davis and his Night Stalkers are there to show off their skills. The Soviets have also send their best in the new Hind-K helicopters. The big attraction is the new XA-2011 Superstealth bomber. This new craft can actually turn invisible thanks to it’s advanced mini-cameras that cover it. It also has it’s own small nuclear reactor. Well such an advanced craft is stolen during the show. Captain Oz and the Night Stalkers are tasked with retrieving the stolen aircraft. The chase leads them all over Western Europe and ends with a Belgian arms industrialist who plans to sell it to the highest bidder. They also have to race the Soviets are also out to get this plane.

So the third book takes TF160 to Europe and a search for the missing Superstealth. Now this book was a little goofy what with an invisible airplane with a nuclear reactor. OK and they also have the bad guys raid a nuclear power plant for fuel which was accomplished way too easy. At least I hope it isn’t that easy to attack a nuclear plant and steal plutonium. Also the copters are battling the jets of the industrialist and they are using TOW and Hellfire missiles against jet fighters. Now these missiles were designed for anti-armor not anti-air. Still the story was fast paced and if you just turn your mind off you can have an enjoyable read.

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