Copyright 1983.

On the plains east of Brythunia a falling star comes down. The priests of a nearby ziggurat claim it with the high priest Thotas planning to use it to gather power. The local villagers believe the star to be an evil omen and under the headman Bo-ugan form an army. They go to the ziggurat with the intention of destroying the star. A fight ensues with a stalemate as a result. So for ten years the priest of the ziggurat and the surrounding villages fight a grueling siege. Sonja finds herself hired as a mercenary on the side of the villagers. She has a friend named Daron who has a plan to break the siege. Darion is the son of the powerful wizard Odurac. He plans to enlist him in the fight for the ziggurat. So Sonja and Darion go on a quest. A quest that may determine the fate of the world.

The final Red Sonja book in the series. I also found it the weakest of the lot. It starts out strong but bogs down in the middle with the quest. Also the romance between Sonja and Daron has no chemistry and wasn’t very believable. Now that still doesn’t mean that this book is not worth getting. As I said it starts out with a strong opening that grabs your interest. It also picks up toward to end to a very exciting conclusion. I was sorry to see this series end. I found it an enjoyable read and these two authors managed to write some unique and exciting scenarios for Sonja.

Red Sonja has become very popular now days with the success of the Dynamite comic series. She travels through time and has team-up adventures with all sorts of other famous characters. I would think that there would be an interest in new books with her. She is one of my favorite female comic characters. Anyway this limited series from the eighties was a fun and enjoyable read.

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