Copyright 1982.

Count Endithor is a noble in the city of Shadizar The Wicked in Zamora. He is caught conducting a human sacrifice ritual to eliminate his rivals. His rivals set him up and now use this to have Endithor executed in a publicly painful manner. His daughter doesn’t take this well and starts to study the dark arts to get revenge on Count Nalor. Nalor is allied with Lord Kus who is secretly an ancient vampire. Into this dispute is Red Sonja who is just trying to relax between mercenary jobs. Her friend Sendes works for Nalor. One day Endithor’s daughter mesmerizes him into trying to kill his employer Nalor. It fails forcing him to flee for his life. He seeks out his friend Sonja for help. Now Sonja finds herself in the middle of this war between an ancient vampire and a vengeful daughter. To make it worse the vampire Kus has an infatuation with Sonja and plans to make her his undead slave. She must now survive without becoming a vampire herself.

The fourth book in the series is another strong entry. It shifts the action to a new location with new evil magical foes. These two authors have been good in making every new book fresh and not seem like a rehash of the last one. Sonja once again proves herself capable of taking on a much superior magical foe and using her wits to defeat them. Another excellent book in the Red Sonja series.

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