Copyright 1988.

Matt and Dani are crossing the desolate plains when a hailstorm starts to pelt them with baseball sized hail. They manage to find shelter in an abandoned truck stop. Only the truck stop isn’t abandoned but home to an old man named Sarge. They find out that Denver is just ahead. So they trade their matches for some cream corn and Dentyne. While continuing on they notice fires in the city suggesting inhabitants. Matt gets sick from food poisoning and Dani rides ahead to get help. She finds that Denver is still standing but mostly abandoned. She is captured by the survivors who think she is part of the biker slavers that have been terrorizing them.

She eventually gets help from a young man named Brian who helps her rescue Matt and they also manage to sabotage the bikes of the slavers. So the two settle in with the six hundred other residents of Denver. The city survived but most of the population moved south to farm while a few stayed behind. There is a romantic rivalry between Matt and Brian for Dani. Matt decides to continue his quest for California and rides off. Only in the mountains west of the city he makes a discovery. The war has melted the snow and it’s formed into a huge lake. A lake that threatens to burst and flood the city of Denver. So he has to ride back and warn the people of the impending doom of the city.

So the fourth book has our two teens find some civilization still existing in the world. This is the first time they have run into a working society since the war. With the people we get a rival for the affections of the young Dani. Of course Dani chooses Matt and the two continue on after the city of Denver is wiped out. Some interesting revelations are that the town of Fair Oaks that they started from was in New Jersey. So they have been making their way across the entire country. They made it to Denver and sadly that is where the series ends. We never get to find out if they made it to California and found Matt’s family. And they came so close too.

So this was an enjoyable series. An early YA post-apocalypse series before they became popular. Also a rare one which I was lucky to find for a reasonable price on E-bay. Surprised I never found it when it original came out for I jumped on any post-nuke series back in those days. This one goes back to the American version of covers with the Lou Diamond Phillip and Megan Fox lookalikes on the cover which I prefer over the British ones. The authors were a husband and wife team that lived in New York and wrote over thirty books most of them targeted to teens. Not sure if I will ever try any of their other works but this was an enjoyable series.


  1. Really enjoyed reading your thought on the series. They passed me by at the time although I was probably a little young to pick up on them when they first came out.



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