Copyright 1986.

Major Clayton Stone was an Army Ranger for over thirty years. The morning after Pearl Harbor the army recruiter found him sleeping on his doorstep. At only 16 he found himself in ranger training and participated in missions throughout the war. Later he served in Korea and Vietnam. In Vietnam he found an army nurse who was the love of his life and had two children. After Vietnam he was disillusioned and went back to work in the families munitions business. He always knew that nuclear war was coming and built an advanced underground shelter in the Colorado Rockies. That day arrives in 1990 and the family makes it in time before the bombs start falling.

Five years in the bunker the father teaches his reluctant son Martin all his Ranger skills. One day Clayton dies of a heart attack. The son thinks its OK to leave and packs up the Winnebago with his mother and sister. Only its not OK and they are attacked by a motorcycle gang called the Guardians of Hell. They kill his mother and take his sister leaving Martin in a ditch to die. Luckily a Ute medicine man saves him. The tribe is now living an idyllic life as their ancestors did and want nothing to do with the white man. Except of course the medicine man’s young daughter who practically rapes him as he recovers.

So he takes part in a peyote induced ceremony that involves piercing his beast and getting hung up above the ground and finds out he is a bringer of death. So he leaves to rescue his sister. He picks up a Harley Electroglide from the bunker with .50 caliber machineguns mounted in the front. Packs up guns, supplies, rockets and plastic explosives and heads out to Denver.

Now Denver has fallen on some hard times after the apocalypse. The Guardians of Hell are run by a nut called Rommel. He spends his free time in the capitol building giving out his brand of justice which usually includes some form of amputations and in one instance he saws a living cow in two with a chainsaw. He surrounds himself with psychos including Queenie the leader of the female branch and a dwarf called Poet. Poet is a quadriplegic who spouts haiku poetry and rides around in an electric wheelchair with machine guns mounded on the armrests.

So Stone manages to infiltrate the gang after killing the number two man and going through the various initiation rituals like getting the crap beat out of him and eating the heart of the man he killed. So at the Tough Man games he competes to win his captive sister. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned and he ends up killing most of the Guardians of Hell and burning down the city of Denver. Only to find out that his sister has been taken to Pueblo. He also picks up a pitbull terrier he rescued as a companion.

Another wonderful post-nuke adventure series from my youth. This one was written by Jan Stacy who was one of the due responsible for Doomsday Warrior. Basically the main hero Martin Stone is a superstud. One so virile that any young beautiful woman who gets in a mile radius of him will fall in love and in his bed. Not to mention that he can take on thousands single-handed. A very eighties concept. He is the perfect man that any young teenage boy would want to be. Hell I would like to be this guy.

Being the first in the series there is a lot of setup with the father who had a very interesting life. The world is your typical post-nuke world that the eighties envisioned namely vile psychotics that are in charge in a world where society collapsed. I did find it strange that they still were using paper money. I mean a dollar has a lot more purchasing power than before the war. You would think with the government collapsed it would be worthless. A fun series and will end with some examples of its awesome writing.

With a single, powerful thrust he slammed forward and drove right through the little bit of virgin tissue that was left and into the deepest pit of her stomach. She screamed for just a second and then bit her teeth madly as the thing she felt inside her, the man organ, so big and taking up all of her. There was pain,but even as she breathed hard the sensation turned to pleasure as her muscles relaxed and the sheath of her molded like a glove around his staff of hardened flesh.

And basically a whole chapter was devoted to the deflowering of the Indian maiden. There is also this descriptive moment where Rommel tosses a guy who angered him.

He flew almost fifteen feet as the masses leaped out of the way, and then came down on his head so hard that the skull cracked open right across the top like an egg and opened up as if the invisible hand of God were about to pop it into a frying pan. The drunk’s brain slurped out in a big wet lump and slip across the floor, undulating between the legs of the drinkers at the bar like some kind of sea slug searching for a cave.

Yes this was a golden age in literature.


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