Copyright 1992.

The crew of the Liberator and colonists have settled down in their new home on the island of Espiritu. They run into a problem of some mysterious animals that are attacking and have killed someone. Donovan’s brother Charlie is left behind to deal with this threat as the sub takes off for New York. Finally they will rescue the survivors that they found out about. Along the way they have to battle a pod of radiation psychosis infected sperm whales. They go through the Panama Canal that is now opened thanks to their last visit when they nuked it open. Going along the East Coast they get another message of survivors. A group in Argyle Georgia are besieged by white-shirts. So Percy the executive officer and a seaman are dropped off to make it inland. They manage to find an old Chevy Chevelle and make it to Argyle. Only the compound has been overrun by white-shirts. They do manage to rescue a brother and sister from the crazed zombies. The Liberator reaches New York and in the nick of time rescue the two families from being overrun by white-shirts.

So the fifth book finally gets around to going and rescuing those two families trapped on an island in New York. Nice of them to finally get around to it and like any good cliche story they come in the nick of time. We find out the island they have established themselves on has a problem with a pack of killer dogs. It also establishes some mysterious survivors with sighting a helicopter and a brief radio broadcast. Otherwise not a lot happens in this book. Except of course getting the Liberator to the east coast and doing some more exploring.

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