Copyright 1991.

The Liberator continues its search for a base in the south Pacific. Meeting up with the colony ship that set out from San Francisco they stop at Papeete in Tahiti. The city is eerily deserted with signs of radioactivity that has dissipated. So taking some supplies the group heads out to Espiritu. There they find a suitable base. Occupied by its lone inhabitant Baltimore Jack a WWF wrestler that bought the island and retired there. With a base secured they get a message from survivors in New York. So the Liberator heads out to rescue them.

The sub goes to the Panama Canal to see if its still usable. The canal was heavily bombed during the war. It is now enlarged by 1 to 5 miles in some places. Half way through they come to their first obstacle a huge crater that blocks the canal forming a long waterfall. On the north shore are hordes of white shirts. The people afflicted with radiation psychosis. On the south shore is Ciudad Romanus the lavish citadel of President for life Romanus of Panama. Here they finds the dictator under siege from drug lords from Colombia out to get his gold. Now they have to fight off these crazies and radiation crazed jaguars.

So for the third book Michael Jahn returns to the series he started. This was another enjoyable story. This would be his last book for the series. Ones after would be written by David Robbins. Not sure why he didn’t continue on but I liked his work. We now have a permanent base for the Liberator. They decide to nuke the crater and open it up then wait a while for it to calm down before heading out to New York. The gold that the dictators were fighting over was radioactive so it was worthless. They picked up some quality machine guns and a micronuke unit. A small nuclear reactor build by the French for home use. Some other interesting facts about the future. The 1996 treaty that ended the Central American War made cocaine legal. The first year funded the revamping of the American education system. The second paid for a national healthcare plan. Oh and the NFL had an expansion team in Leningrad.

So Jahn ended the story with them finally sinking the German sub Nemesis but left it open that maybe the sub escaped. His ending was a sort of open ended final with Donovan and the crew of the Liberator having many adventures that became legend.


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