Copyright 1988.

Astronomers in Century City have noticed something unusual. An old American space station has suddenly become active. The station was one of America’s star wars defense stations that was being built. Now it is being completed and there is worry about who could be reactivating this potentially powerful weapon. So as usual they decide to send Ted Rockson the Doomsday Warrior up to investigate. Fortunately they know of an old space shuttle that could still work. The Dynasoar is located in an old air force base in Montana now occupied by a vicious warlord. So Rock assembles his team and some other technical experts including two whiz kid teens.

On the way they almost get killed by an avalanche. They come on an old pre-war diner called U-ETE-HERE. It seems inviting enough and the team decides to stop for dinner. Only the diner is run by Vampyres a race of mutant women that need blood to survive. The food is drugged and the team is destined to be bled dry by the fiends. Chen manages to use his ninja skills to escape and the team make short work of the Vampyres.

So they have no problem sneaking into the underground base and find the Dynasoar in perfect condition after 100 years ready to take off. Who would have guessed the low bid contractors would build such a sturdy ship. They blast off into orbit. There they find the Astro Frenchies. They were French astronauts who were up in space to build a giant Eiffel Tower for the two hundredth anniversary of the revolution. Apparently they survived by finding a way to convert metal into edible protein.

So they find out that their enemy is rebuilding the space station. A group of Space Nazis. The Space Nazis are descended from a NASA Nazis scientist who with five followers blasted off into orbit and somehow not only survived but now number in the hundreds. Talk about a swallow gene pool. Indeed Fuhrer Glock is not the brightest bulb for his Space Nazis are taken over by none other than Killov. Soon Killov plans to use the station to rule the world. Fortunately Rock teams up with the Astro Frenchies to ram the Eiffel Tower they built into the station. Killov somehow manages to get into a space suit and reenter orbit. He parachutes into Egypt where a cult thinks he is a god descending from the heavens.

OK so the last book hinted the next would take place in outer space and the authors delivered. Once again they bring back Nazis only these are Space Nazis. Now this I can find believable. I mean lets face it they are up there. On the moon and lurking around in their rockets. The Astro Frenchies I suppose are also a suppose plausible. I could see the French building an Eiffel Tower in space if their space program was advanced enough at the time. Not really sure about stuff like them using plastic garbage bags for suits and aquariums and TV sets as helmets. Not a NASA scientist but somehow I don’t really see that stuff as being protection from the vacuum of space. He also really didn’t need to bother bringing his team along because they didn’t do anything except breath up the air supply.

So another goofier story than the last ends. Killov is still alive and they now hint at further adventures in Egypt.

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