Copyright 1986.

Rock and his group are returning from the successful rescue of President Langford and Kim. They have a battle with some man eating plants and other mutant animals but make it back to Century City. Sadly it seems President Langford is a little bit brain damaged from his time in the mindbreaker. Still the war must go on and its looking bad. Killov is winning. As bad as Zhabanov was he was an idiot and incompetent. Killov is efficient and ruthless. He is also completely insane with a plan to eventually destroy the entire world once he assumes power. So Rock purposes a radical idea. He will get in contact with Premier Vassily and form an alliance. Freefighters and Russians troops will attack and liberate captured Red Army forts and free the regular soldiers under house arrest. Vassily agrees to sent his Sikh mercenaries who have just put down a rebellion in India.

So Rock and the Freefighters head off to rendezvous with the Sikhs at the largest Red fort Ft. Minsk. Along the way they must battle a field of snakes, an erupting volcano and the Sioux nation. Rock is forced to fight twelve warriors wearing buffalo horns that try to gore him. Naturally Rock wins. The biggest challenge is having both his girlfriends Rona and Kim along. They incessantly put each other down about their weight, height, looks, age anything else that women get catty about.

They meet up with the Sikhs who are one wild bunch. They party hard into the night with drinking games. Thus hungover they assault Fort Minsk and successfully drive out the KGB. Killov though manages to escape in his rocket pod to fight another day.

Well this story has Rock and the Russians allying to fight back the mutual enemy Killov. Seems he has plans to destroy all life on the planet. I guess not having any testicles will do that to a guy. The Sikhs seem like a real bunch of partying guys. They travel in style with women and food and drink. They have gaudy clothes and jewels and fight with a mixture of modern and ancient weapons. The other big development in this book is Rockson gets no sex at all. Having both his girlfriends together all he can do is put on a big dumb grin as the two go at each other. That is what happens when you let both your girlfriends get together. But at the end the two develop a mutual respect for each other and pledge to work something out. So you can rest assured that some horizontal hide the sausage is the future for the Doomsday Warrior.

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