Copyright 1986.

Colonel Killov is tired of waiting around for Vassily to die. He is making his move to seize power. The first step is to take control of America. His Night of Blood will have his KGB troops take over the Red Army fortresses. With America as his power base he can then strike out at the rest of the Soviet empire until he controls it. His bold bit for control pays off as one fortress after another falls. Meanwhile President Langford and his daughter Kim are captured by Soviet troops in Montana and taken to Fort Svetlanya. When Rockson hears about this he has no choice but to mount a rescue operation. So with his trusty team he heads out to Montana.

Along the way they run into a group of cannibals and makes short work of them. He manages to fat shame one of them before he executes him. Then a mysterious transport plane appears and disgorges its occupants by parachute. Only they are not Soviet special forces but Australians and their camels. Lead by Lt. Boyd the Aussies are armed with silver .45’s and laser/sonic boomerangs. Australia has been recently liberated from Soviet occupation and a group of Aussies decided to come over to America to help out. They also brought along a portable fridge filled with cans of Foster’s Ale. At first Rock doesn’t want their help but soon finds out the value of their boomerangs when they are attacked by giant mutant octopuses that come out of the ground. They use the sonic boomerangs to herd the giant octopus to destroy Fort Svetlanya. Only they find out that President Langford and Kim have been transferred to Washington.

So the guys have to hijack the Silver Bullet a high speed train that runs to Washington. There the men assault the Octagon a huge complex with hundreds of mindbreakers. Only they are ambushed and captured by Killov and his KGB who are fighting to take the city from the Red Army. Things look grim until the black porters who were on the train come to the rescue. They are secretly rebels and manage to free Rock, The President and everyone else and destroy the Octagon. Killov manages to survive to fight another day.

So Colonel Killov has made his move and there is now open civil war among the Russians. Zhabanov the coward flees the capital just in time to avoid capture. Rock we find out fat shames cannibals. Some of the cannibals surrender and beg to not be executed. They say the leader forced them to eat those people. Rock makes the comment to a fat cannibal that it looks like he went back for seconds before blasting his head off. Yep no safe spaces for fat cannibals after the apocalypse.

Luckily they are helped out by the arrival of the Australians. What luck that they would land just in front of them and not somewhere else. Seems the Aussies are into fighting and drinking which is probably how they freed their country. They decide to part ways after their successful escape from Washington to find someone else to help out.

The personal drama of Rockson and his loves continues. He still is with Rona who now knows about Kim and doesn’t like it one bit. He also manages to be reunited with Kim as captives in the Octagon. Interesting trivia the Pentagon is used as a brothel for enlisted men. Well they decide to have sex in their cell. Rock’s manhood is so huge she has trouble fitting her mouth around it but somehow manages. Then there is the usual shooting his white-hot lava into her dripping womanhood. The guards don’t even notice this as they are too busy playing cards. They pay for this as when Killov catches them he has the guards shot. Doesn’t like Rockson having a good time. This series just continues to get weirder as it goes on and I love it.

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