Copyright 1985.

We begin right after the battle of Forrester Valley. Both Rockson and Rona were knocked out by a stray exploding artillery shell. So after the battle slavers come looking for slaves among the survivors. They find a number including Rock and Rona. Rona being a beautiful woman is worth a lot of money and transported quickly away. The men are destined to be sold to the Nazis at Goeringrad. They are taken on a long march to weed out the weak. Rock is one of these men captured. He also has no memory of his past life because the explosion caused amnesia.

He makes the trek and is sold, branded as Joe 113 and assigned the garbage detail. This detail takes out the 200 slaves who die each day and dump them into the swamp. While Rock may have lost his memory he still hasn’t lost his spirit. He gets angry at the slaves and forces them to quit living in their filth and clean themselves. One night the slave he deposed as leader tries to kill him with a hammer. The blow to Rock’s head clears his mind and his memory returns. He stomps in the guy then organizes a revolt. He succeeds in recapturing Rona who is a prisoner of the Nazis. Seems they did some tests on her and declared her the reincarnation of Eva Braun the perfect Aryan woman. So the Nazis grovel and lick her boots in their worship but keep her a prisoner. Rock and Rona escape into the swamp but have to leave the others behind.

Well the swamp is the home of the Narga. The Narga are giant swamp muck creatures that were once half-dead slaves that the radiation in the swamp turned into creatures. Rock makes a deal with the leader Nitrogen Carnivore to lead them to the Nazi fortress so they can have their revenge. They make short work of the fortress eating the Nazis usually biting off the heads or stuffing them in feet first as they chew them down. So the slaves are free and Rock and Rona make it back to Century City.

When they get back they find the city in bad shape. The neutron bomb that went off did a lot of damage. Rock and his crew are assigned to get the power back on. The power is generated from the active volcano underneath the city. While there Rock and his men are set upon by ninjas sent by the Russians. With names like Tamatsu, C’hing Chow, The Smasher, Red Avenger, and White Fan. Well the team make short work of the ninjas in very gruesome detail.

So this book takes the tried and true plot of the main character having amnesia. A fairly sedate outing compared to the last books. The Russians must have a sense of humor to give their Nazi puppets their goofy religious beliefs. The way they would debase themselves with Rona who they declared a reincarnated goddess Eva Braun. Otherwise this the last of the goofy Soviet Nazis as they are wiped out. There is a subplot with Rahallah Rhawanda the servant of Premier Vasily keeping the aged leader alive with tribal magic so Killov can’t take over. An interesting tidbit we learn is Killov was born without testicles. Might explain his disposition.

Oh and speaking of testicles, there is this excellent description during the ninja fight. “Rockson shot in for the kill, slamming his knee up into the man’s groin and lifting him off the ground. The assassin screamed out as his testicles burst apart into a bloody sticky soup and dribbled down his legs.” Ouch! That is one nasty way to go. And here is another way he dispatched a ninja. “The face split open from chin to forehead in a gush of blood as the cracked frontal part of the skull exploded out in a spray of teeth and bone.” I suppose better that having your testicles turned to a soup. And finally the last one wanted to commit Seppuku and the guys were fine with that. So “He pulled in as hard as he could and began slicing around in all directions. Suddenly his neck stiffened and his head arched up as his intestines slopped out onto the cave floor. His eyes nearly bursting in their sockets he fell forward into the bloody pool of his own guts.”

Now his friend Detroit was the real bad ass. He had his arm cut off but still managed to grab the guy and break his neck with one hand. Now that is super bad-ass. I mean I wouldn’t have the presence of mind to continue on after getting my arm chopped off. Luckily Century City has a very advanced hospital that was able to reattach his arm.

Obviously the guys in this book went for more over the top descriptions in the violence than sex. In fact Rock only had sex with Rona two or three times and it didn’t go into any detail. Another fun escapist romp in the post-holocaust future America.


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