Copyright 1985.

So Ted Rockson and his companion Archer bail out of their stolen MIG fighter before it runs out of gas. They land in Lake Superior and have to fight off a giant sea creature. Home again and now they have a long hike to get back to Century City. The first obstacle is getting captured by a tribe of French-Canadian amazons. Beautiful women in furkinis that have a telepathic link to panthers. The two guys find out that these women capture men to breed with. They are given a viagra type substance and then forced to have sex with all these beautiful women. Rock knows that eventually their strength will give out and they will be fed to the panthers. Luckily the telepathic bond the tribe has with the panthers comes from the temple virgins. So all they have to do is devirginize the maidens which is no problem at all for our heroes. When they lose control of the panthers the two make their escape.

So later they come on a kooky little area of Iowa where everybody dresses like the Village People and react violently to any suggestion that contradicts the story of tornadoes destroying the world back in 1989. Rock just goes with the flow and wins a souped up ’83 Buick Roadmaster in a card game. Complete with front and rear machine gun controlled by a joystick. Yep definitely ’80’s tech. This comes in handy when they have to fight off a horde of car riding cannibals.

So they eventually make it back in time to find out that Rockson’s Moscow adventure has really stirred up a hornet’s nest. Premier Vassily is really angry at the loss of the advanced ICBM center and to regain face has sent over 250,000 Nazi troops to find and destroy Century City. Well I can see….What!!!!!!?????? Soviet Nazis??? That is really weird. Rock being the most awesome human to ever live is unfazed by the news. He organizes the defense of the city even thought they are outnumbered 5 to 1. Rock himself is equal to four Nazi so hey its probably even. The battle is joined at Forrester Valley. The Freefighters gain the element of surprise and cause great damage. But numbers threaten to overwhelm the brave Freefighters. Luckily the Glowers come to the rescue. Riding their sandships they use their telepathic abilities to bring out the Nazi soldiers greatest fear and this starts them killing each other. Killov is observing the battle and sends a strike of bombers to neutron bomb the whole area. Luckily the caravan bringing back the Technicians with all their black beam guns has arrived. They shoot down the bombers except one which successfully drops its bomb. Thus the Technicians and their advanced black beam weapons are destroyed. At the end Rock and Rona are knocked out by an exploding artillery shell from the fleeing Nazis.

Well this book had a lot going on. So the Soviets have revived the Nazi party in Germany so they could have a new army to use. I guess the ideology was slightly altered so the Soviets and Nazi are friends. That the evil Capitalist American’s caused a brief rift between the two during WWII. It was overcome during Stalingrad where the Soviets helped out the Germans. Otherwise all the racial Aryan purity and stuff is intact. Now I get it that Nazi are really good villains. Ignoring the history between Russia and Germany it is a little odd that the Russians would on purpose revive the Nazis party. What does that say about Germans if only Nazism can motivate them. This really breaks the goofy meter. On the plus side it looks like my native Wisconsin after the apocalypse will be filled with beautiful women who will kidnap you to have sex and feed you steak. Something positive to look forward to after a nuclear war.

So the other thing is Rockson’s sex live. Obviously he was having a ball in this book. When he finds out the purpose for his capture he attitude is OK. He did once again have a very brief flash of guilt over cheating on his one true love Kim. But he wisely rationalized it that he was a prisoner and a man has got to do what man has got to do. This guy is wise beyond belief. So when he gets back he also continues his affair with Rona. If Kim is his love than Rona is his faithful heart. What does that mean? Well it means that he will “release his load, shooting into her like a cannon firing white-hot lava.” Now there is an image you can’t get out of your mind. This was definitely one of the more fun books in the series.



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