Copyright 1985.

Ted Rockson is on his way back home with the President, his daughter Kim and Mountainman Ed. First the run into a freak tidal wave of radioactive goo that was spewed out of the Earth. Taking shelter on a plateau they have to fight a huge lizard. Unfortunately Mt. Ed gets his head bitten off before Rockson can kill the creature. So the three survivors make it back to the site of the convention. Here Rock finds his team looking for them. The happy reunion is short lived as a patrol of Soviet helicopters finds them. Rock with Archer manages to lead them away and take out about half the force. The other half manage to capture the two.

At first Rock is tortured but the message comes from The Grandfather premier Vassily that Rock and his companion are to be sent to Moscow. So on the next plane the two find themselves in the capital of the worldwide Red empire. A place run down and decadent. Slaves are always being crucified and there are daily gladiator contests. Vassily wants to negotiate a peace with the rebels. His empire is collapsing and he hopes to divert forces to other spots. Rock is plied with beautiful women and food as he pretends to negotiate. At the first opportunity him and Archer escape and make their way into the subways and the dissidents. The dissidents call themselves the jazzmen and talk like beatniks. Lead by Yuri Goodman they are armed with sonic musical instruments that can kill.

Rock and Archer are later captured and sentenced to the gladiatorial arena. He is given the duo-blade the strange knife on the cover and has to fight the Black Menace. A genetically created gladiator from Africa with three arms. Rock wins and leads a revolt that kills all the decadent bureaucrats in the audience. His rebel gladiators hook up with the jazzmen and they attack the advanced satellite complex that controls the Soviets ICBMs and particle beam satellites. They destroy it and Rock after stealing a tank then steals a MIG fighter and with Archer flies back to America.

So in this one Rock is captured and taken to Moscow. Here he meets the premier and has some wacky adventures. This guy is really talented. He can drive tanks and fly fighter craft with is an amazing skill considering he is guerrilla fighter without access to any of this equipment. The Soviets are like the Roman empire. They crucify slaves and put them up along an avenue. They have elaborate gladiator games and some far out dissidents. The authors must have been beatniks because this is the second time a group of beatnik type survivors are encountered. A strange type to be about 100 years after the apocalypse.

And we can’t forget the kooky sex in this book. Rock and Archer get some beautiful women presented to them while captive. Archer being a bit shy and inexperienced because he is a big hairy mute mountainman who doesn’t get around much before meeting Rockson. Rock has a why not attitude. There is a brief, very brief moment where he thinks of his one true love Kim and feels guilty. But he has had a stressful time with being tortured and beat up. He really needs this relaxation and is sure Kim would understand. And if not well she won’t know about it. This guy is really wise and does have a point.

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