Copyright 1984.

Ted Rockson is out on a salvage mission. When they decide to check out a cave they find it filled with mutant Blood Spiders. Luckily Rock and his friend Detroit manage to kill them but not before one bits Rock. Taken back in time to Century City he is saved using his mutant mental powers with modern surgery. Good for him since the ReConstitutional Convention is coming up. Delegates from the free cities will go and form a new government and elect a President. Naturally Rock is one of the four with Chen and two civilians. As they travel to Wyoming one gets killed by an earthquake and they are almost eaten by mutant millipedes. Fortunately the rest of the Rock Squad followed and saves them.

So after a brief run in with a tribe of amazon women called the Barbarahs. Rock escapes with a captured member. The tribe apparently captures men and rape them for their ability to procreate. Then when they are drained of sperm they are beheaded, the bodies fed to the sacred flame and the heads mounted on sticks around their church. The captive woman wants Rock to impregnate her and he figures what the hell. He doesn’t want this unique culture to go extinct. So they make it to the convention. Rock gets to hook up with Kim the daughter of the leading candidate for President. The ReConstitutional Convention elects Charles Langford. Unfortunately the convention was infiltrated by a KGB agent posing as the mountain man Charlie Whiskers. Rock and the others flee before the KGB drops a neutron bomb on the location.

Rock survives thanks to being rescued and nursed back to health by Mountain Man Ed. Mt. Ed for short. He helps Rock look for his friends and finds out that the Glowers a mysterious race of mutants on their flying ships took Kim and President Langford. So off the two go. They have to fight only 50 Russian paratroopers which they defeat with ease until they find the Glowers. The Glowers are descendants of American astronauts who were on a space station during the war. The radiation combined with waves in space created the unique mutations. The Glowers have an empathic link to all life. They manage to save Langford and with the help of Rock’s mutant abilities he saves Kim. The four leave with a promise that the Glowers will help in their time of great need.

Well another entry in the saga of the Doomsday Warrior. Here we get the formation of a new government of the ReUnited States of America. Things are looking good but those damn Russkies are still at it. Killov is sinking into further insanity. A failed assassination attempt by President Zhabanov with the support of Premier Vassily has the guy further paranoid. He also now plays with dolls of his hated enemies: Rockson, Vassily, his servant Rahallah and Zhabanov. Plus we also get an introduction to the Glowers who we have only heard rumors about in the previous books.

Rockson is apparently madly in love with Kim Langford and she with him. But he still bangs his old girlfriend Rona back in Century City. A also has sex with the amazon tribeswoman. He feels a little guilty about it but rationalizes it that he is helping a unique culture from going extinct. A culture that captures men, rapes them and kills them. Yup that sound worth saving. I love this guys rationalizations. So I will leave with a passage from that encounter to illustrate the eloquence of this writing.

She rubbed up against him like a cat, moaning and writhing against his hard flesh. She pulled him down to the cool Earth, atop a thick cushion of green moss, and reached for his manhood, guiding it between her open legs. She let out a loud hiss as it entered, biting his shoulder through the skin, and wrapping her long,firm legs around his back. She ground up and down on his staff of living flesh, moving harder and harder until almost out of control-wriggling and slamming against him. Her long nails dug into Rock’s back and ripped razorlike cuts that just penetrated the skin down to his waist. Rock didn’t know if he was fucking or fighting-but he went with it-with this wild creature of the night. She grew more and more frantic and then came to her peak. Her eyes flared like a burst of golden fire and she opened wide for him so he could go into her very core-penetrate her deepest tunnel. The she came with an ear-shattering scream, her body arching and contracting in powerful spasms. Rock felt his own desire reach its culmination and let out an explosion of molten fire that rocketed up into her center. She screamed again and swooned as the staff plunged to its fullest depth. Then her head fell to the side and she was totally silent.

The things you have to do to preserve a people’s culture.


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