Copyright 1984.

Ted Rockson and his Rock Squad are assigned an important mission. They are to test out the new particle beam weapons they got from the Technicians. So they ambush a Soviet supply convoy. The weapons work better than excepted. The squad completely destroys the convoy. Over ten tanks, two helicopters and dozens of supply trucks. They also capture a few prisoners. They take them back and under the captured Mindbreakers they learn the destination of the supply convoy. Pavlov City is a new fortress build by President Zhabanov for his Plan Lincoln. There American slave workers are taken by the tens of thousands to be converted into zombie soldiers by the Mindbreaker. Rock decides to go alone and infiltrate Pavlov City to put a stop to it.

Colonel Killov has also decided to check out what is going on. With his elite KGB Blackshirts he manages to take over the fortress. He is in a power struggle with President Zhabanov for the premiership. The Grandfather Vassily is on his deathbed. Helped along by Killov’s doctors who are injecting him with cancer. Luckily the premier’s servant the African Rahallah who knows his tribal witchcraft saves him and the doctors conspiracy is broken.

Meanwhile Rockson manages to infiltrate Pavlov City but is captured. Stripped naked and tied up for torture by the sadistic Killov. They also imprison him with a beautiful nineteen year old named Kim Langston. She is the daughter of the man who is trying to unite America under a new government. She is to be raped by the KGB and being a virgin she doesn’t want that to be her first time. Naturally she wants Rockson to he her first which Rock is only more than up to the task both figuratively as well as literally. So while chained up he manages to deflower her and fall madly in love with her.

Rock manages to later escape and rescue Kim. He frees the enslaved American’s and a big battle begins. Just as it looks like the Russians will win, the Rock Squad comes to the rescue. Flying the captured helicopter from the last book and armed with the particle beam weapons they make short work of the Soviets. They then escape Pavlov City before Killov drops two neutron bombs on the place. As they make their way home they meet up with The Crazy Alligators a beatnik talking tribe of Indians who ride motorcycles. They are taken to their underground city to meet the Ginsberg a pompous pretentious dipship who sprouts beatnik wisdom. Unfortunately Perkins the archaeologist runs afoul of their taboos. One of the women in their temple known as contrarians asks for him to make love to her. He is more than willing to oblige and gets castrated for this transgression. Contrarians say the exact opposite of what they mean. Rock and his friends are sentenced to suffer the same fate but Rock manages to beat Crazy Motherfucker a nine foot tall giant in a trial by combat. At the end they ride off to Century City with Kim going a separate way to go help her father.

Well the second book in the series establishes the tone of this series. Mainly one filled with plenty of sex, action, mutant creatures and goofy people who inhabit the post-nuke world of 2089. Killov is now established as the psychotic pill popping crazy out to rule the world. Zhabanov is the debauched rival and his uncle the wise old man with his African servant the only one he can trust. They continue to use the new particle beam weapons but as the series progresses the authors tended to just quietly drop them. They were a bit too powerful and gave an unequal advantage to the protagonists. Rock would just have to rely on his awesomeness going forward which to be honest is more than enough.

This is also the start of the drama of the Rona-Kim rivalry. Rock apparently falls madly in love with Kim and vise versa. But that still doesn’t stop him from banging his old girlfriend Rona any chance he gets. Nor for that matter many other women he meets along the way. So love with a Doomsday Warrior doesn’t mean not having sex with other women because you just can’t expect to contain such a superstud. Yup this was definitely one of by favorite series growing up.

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