Copyright 1984.

The year is 2089 and it is one hundred years since the Soviets launched a surprise nuclear attack. Thanks to their space based particle beam satellite they were able to decimate America. They quickly moved in hundreds of thousands of troops and now except for China they rule the People’s World Socialist Republics. America is now a brutalized colony of Russia called the United Soviet States of America. From over forty complexes they control the country. But outside in the wilds have sprung 75 free hidden cities. The largest is Century City the descendants of a five mile long tunnel filled with commuters when the war started. Trapped inside they eventually build a modern underground city. This is home to the legendary Ted Rockson “The Ultimate American.” With his Liberator assault rifle and .12 gauge shotgun pistols he leads the resistance against the Soviet invaders.

The Russians are lead by President Zhabanov of the USSA. Located in the White House in Washington which was neutron bombed and re-named New Lenin. He got the job because he is the nephew of the Soviet premier. A fat hard drinking man who spends his nights with drugged girls that are rounded up for him by the KGB. He has ambitions of being the new premier. His main rival is Colonel Killov the head of the KGB in America. From his eighty story citadel in Denver he oversees 500,000 dreaded Blackshirts. A gaunt skull faced psychopath. Soon the Soviet premier Vassily who is old and on his deathbed will die. A power struggle is forming between these two men.

Rockson with his friends who are the Rock Squad continue to fight the invaders. They ambush convoys. They also have to deal with the dangers of post-nuclear wilds filled with mutant creatures and savage cannibals. Rock has to lead an assault on Stalinville after some of the men are captured. He has to rescue them before the KGB use their new mindbreaker to get the secrets of the location of Century City. Well one day an expedition to the unexplored west returns with a story. A mutant was found with an amazing black beam pistol. This weapon could give the resistance an advantage. So his team heads into the blasted lands of Nevada to the Technicians the survivors of the missile crews to retrieve this knowledge.

I don’t think there is a more iconic book series than the Doomsday Warrior. This post nuclear series of an occupied America was the creation of Ryder Syvertson and Jan Stacy. It is the perfect example of the paranoid of the time. I loved this series with its hand bursting through the ground into a mushroom cloud clutching an object usually a weapon. Yes the writing is bad but its that so bad its good type of writing. This first book seemed to be an attempt to write a serious book or as serious as this series would get. Believe me they give that up in the second book. A foreword that would appear in the first five books gives a good brief background to this world and its players. Basically the Soviets thanks to their star wars weapons manage to successfully attack America and conquer the world. Ted Rockson is the hero to the downtrodden American slave workers. Rockson is there to throw out the Soviet invaders and hunt down the ten men KGB squad that rapped and killed his mother and sisters. He manages to find one in this book but that plot point was kind of dropped as the series continued. Indeed it gets very goofy as we will see in subsequent reviews.

The book establishes what the tone will be. Namely that the Soviets are depraved cartoon type characters. They brutally suppress the Americans in their fortress cities and use neutron bombs on the free cities that they find. The country is filled with dangerous mutants and strange people. We meet the Floorwalker Macy people who live in an old shopping mall. They wait for Mr. Macy to come and take them to the main store in New York. I just loved these books when I was a teen. So here are the members of Rock Squad.

Detroit Green the token black guy. I suppose that Boise or Omaha was not ebonic enough.

Al Chen the token Chinese-America. Can you guess what his specialty was? Yes it was martial arts expert and instructor. He uses nunchucks and exploding star knives.

McCaughlin the token Scotsman. A big guy who is an expert at heavy weapons.

Archer the token big mute hairy mountain man. A man Rock rescues from a quicksand pit. He uses a crossbow that can rapid fire and also shoot special exploding arrows.

Erickson the token Swede. The teams cook. A man who can do miracles with cactus or rat’s feet. Yum.

Perkins the token archaeologist. Comes in handy in dealing with the strange people they come across.

Lang the token young nineteen year old who is tough, brash and a troublemaker. Reminds Rock of himself at that age and is his mentor.

All of them are lead by Ted Rockson “The Ultimate American.” His name just exudes virile masculinity and he is definitely a superstud. Any young good looking woman who comes within a square mile of him will want to sleep with him. In this book he is just with his girlfriend Rona which seemed to be a monogamous relationship. That was quickly dropped since I suppose the publisher recognized the core target audience. Young men and teen boys. Rock becomes quite a player as the series progresses.

An interesting eerie coincidence is the date they chose for the sneak attack. September 11, 1989. Out of all the dates they would choose that one. Very eerie.

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