Copyright 1991.

Max Turkel the famous human resistance leader is now the prisoner of Emperor Charlemagne in Cheyenne Mountain. The emperor plans to torture information out of Max with the mutant mind probe. While having an audience with the emperor Max defiantly manages to piss in the face of the emperor and short circuit his cybernetics. Luckily for him his new recruits Jack Bender and Phil Potts are winging their way to rescue him in an old Cessna.

First Jack and Phil land at a farm in Kansas for fuel and find a normal looking family with a beautiful daughter. These are actually mutant halfsies the mutants that were privately created by private individuals and not the military or administrative classes. These halfsies make up the majority of the mutant population and are barely tolerated by the true mutant overlords. At first this family seems helpful but they are in fact a mutant succubus type of mutants. The beautiful daughter first tries to seduce Jack Bender but since his fiance died yesterday he feels it wouldn’t be right. This sensitive side saves him since she then goes to the virginal Phil Potts who is more than willing . He soon finds out the mutant has a sort of viagra in her saliva and literally almost screws him to death as she attempts to drain him of sperm. Human DNA fetches a prime price on the mutant black market.

Well Jack comes to the rescue and kills the succubus mutant and her family. The two take off and then land at an Indian reservation in Colorado. Its run by chief Joe Bullfeathers and his sixties rock playing band. There is also a beautiful woman named Jill Morningstar. Now she at night goes to seduce Jack Bender and since its two days after the death of his fiance he figures that’s enough of mourning. And these people are real humans. So after fighting off a mutie biker gang they find Max Turkel passed out not too far from them. It seems a renegade Braingeneral Harlan arranged his escape. He wants to overthrow Charlemagne and establish peace with the humans. Max escapes after a fight were he kills Braingeneral Torx and cuts off his hands. He reveals at the end that Jack’s girl Jennifer is still alive.

The second book in the series is more goofy than the first. The scene where Max is interrogated by Charlemagne and the emperor spits a big load of snot in Turkel’s face. Not the be outdone Max has to go real bad and unloads right in the emperor’s face. Its just so juvenile that I love it. Then later under the mind probe it is revealed that Turkel has money hidden away that wasn’t reported to the IRS. In this dystopia even the IRS can overrule the mad mutant emperor. This is how Braingeneral Harlan gets Max out.

Now Jack Bender has a real hard life. He can’t go to bed without some beautiful woman trying to climb in and have sex with him. His super-sensitivity saves him from the succubus but obviously two days is an unrealistic wait for this super stud. Some interesting things we find out that there is a Royal Mutant Mounted police that is designed to look like southern sheriffs. They have mirrored sunglasses and big guts to store their .357 magnum and favorite beer Spudweiser.

So I will end with the scene where the succubus almost kills poor Phil Potts.

Penny stroked him admiringly. “You see. Now please Phil. Use it.”
He did. And this time he lasted a great deal longer, and when he came it felt as though he was spurting about half his bodily fluids into her. All in all, he was very pleased with himself. He’d read at this point you were supposed to light a cigarette. But since he had no cigarette, he just lay back on his pillow and grinned.
But the strange sensations still thrummed in his body.
And he was astonished to find that he still had an erection.
“Again!, said Penelope. “Oh yes, please! Again!”
By now, Phil Potts could barely think straight, and it was an easy thing to acquiesce, strange as it was. And so they did it again.
And Again.
And Again.
And before Phil knew it, he was totally consumed in endless sex.

I suppose there are worse ways to go in life.


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