Copyright 1994.

A renegade priest from the Cyberpapacy has escaped to Berlin. He has a program called the Fourth Seal. A program that could cause untold destruction. NATO sends a team of Storm Knights lead by Major Havoc. Havoc is a Mystery Man from the Nile. Berlin has been invaded by both the Tharkhold a realm of techno-demons and the Nile Empire. Both realities are competing for control of the city. They ally with the Vanguard a group of superheroes from the Nile Empire lead by Destructo Don. They also get help from some cyberpunks, two agents of the German government who are transformed by the invading realities and a mysterious techno-shaman from Tharkhold. Against them are the supervillainess Scarlet Asp and her team. Tharkhold prince of Berlin Vutark. Cyberpriests from the Cyberpope in France. Ninjas from Kanawa corporation from Nippon Tech and various demons and street gangs.

This is the final Torg book ever written and John Terra’s second. He did a complete 180 in tone and style. This one has a whole slew of characters and subplots. There is a lot more action and this is a fun book. He uses the team that he created for the game and was in one of his short stories. I suppose the only complaint is that there was too many characters in this book. You have groups fighting a cyberdragon at a castle. a romance with the ninja character Daremo who loses his love and goes on a revenge spree against the Kanawa corporation and their army of ninjas. The renegade Hospitaller from the Cyberpope creating an angel persona and going vigilante on the evil gangs. Fights with cyber skinhead gangs and gangsters with laser Tommy guns. Various betrayals and reality transformations. It starts to get hard to keep track of. Still it all came together at the end with a big final free for all battle. It was a fun and enjoyable end to the series. Perhaps new books might be written. The role-playing game is making a comeback so too might the fiction books.

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