Copyright 1992.

Nikki Carlson is a young American woman working in Japan. It is a changed Japan since the Possibility Wars. Storms surround the island all the time. Large mega-corporations have now taken over. Nikki works at the Nagara Corporation. Her department handles analyzing the results of a top secret research team. One day the building is attacked by ‘wreckers’ the euphemism the Japanese give to groups carrying out such attacks. The attackers spare Nikki’s live. In the paranoid world of corporate Japan this raises suspicions that Nikki was in on the attack. Her being American makes her a perfect scapegoat for the head of security.

She manages to negotiate this and the deadly ninja assassin that tried to kill her. She is later assigned to a secret research base that Nagara is running in Sumatra. Sumatra is now part of Orrorsh the horror realm. She finds a place where tentacled monsters, zombies and werecreatures haunt the land. She must survive the horrors outside and her own employers on the inside to discover the secret that has thrown her into this extraordinary adventure.

So we get a full length novel. One that focuses on one character. Nigel Findley is a writer that I have read some other books he has done and enjoyed them. This one is my favorite in the Torg books. I enjoyed the corporate intrigue and paranoid as much as the horror elements that came in the second half. The author has a real good understanding of Japan and their corporate culture. Working for a Japanese company I found this part more interesting then when I first read it twenty some years ago. It was too bad that they never did more books like this one. Having a tightly plotted story with a central character was what was missing in the other books done for this series.

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