Copyright 1990.

The Gaunt Man has been defeated. The Storm Knights managed to cut him open and throw in an eternity shard. Now the Gaunt Man is constantly exploding and having to put himself together. In effect he is out of the picture. His darkness device is still stealing possibility energy from the Earth. Thratchen the Gaunt Man’s lieutenant has decided to take over the Gaunt Man’s realm. As a thank you for setting it up so he can take over Thratchen helps the Storm Knights on their way out of his realm. Tolwyn the leader has a final reckoning with Uthorion the high lord of Aysle. Meanwhile Andrew Decker in California is free of the Gaunt Man’s control. With his friends they work to stop Baruk Kaah’s invasion of California. Then they also head to the realm of Aysle. All for a final confrontation that will determine the fate of Earth and many other realms.

The final book in the Possibility Wars Trilogy comes to an end. It was a good solid story. We get to see more of Orrorsh. We had a small adventure in the Nile Empire. We actually visit two of the worlds that are invading ours Tekta Ker the realm that Baruk Kaah comes from and Aysle. Needless to say our heroes manage to stop the Gaunt Man’s plans. So it basically sets up the world that the role playing game universe has set up. I found the trilogy to be an exciting read. It had a colorful cast of characters and some fantastic settings. A good start to the book series.

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