Copyright 1990.

Our band of Storm Knights have managed to defeat the dragon that was sent by the Gaunt Man but at a cost. NYPD Rick Adler has been killed and Congressman Decker has been implanted with mystical rods. These rods are allowing the Gaunt Man to sort all the possibilities that he could be defeated and thus eliminate any possibility of defeat. The Gaunt Man also has his darkness device planted which is slowly making the Earth stop spinning. All in some sinister plan to steal the Earth’s possibilities and make him the Torg. Tolwyn leads the survivors on a mission to Orrorsh. First they stop in Australia and pick up an Aboriginal shaman named Djil. Then its off to Indonesia which has been transformed to the horror realm of Orrorsh. There they confront the Gaunt Man in this castle. Meanwhile Baruk Kaan gets help from the realm of Aylse in the form of the Wild Hunt in his campaign in California.

The second book in the Possibility Wars Trilogy is actually better than the first. The writing is tighter and it uses flashbacks to tell the story. The other realms of the theocratic realm of Pope Malreaux lands in France and the corporate espionage realm of Kanawa lands in Japan. The secret organization that was formed by the US government the Delphi Council is conspiring to seize even more power. Its interesting that at the end they manage to defeat the Gaunt Man. Such a villain I would have thought they would wait for the very end of the trilogy. So it does set up curiosity on what the third book will be about.

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