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It is 1979 and a fifteen year old Dana Scully has moved to the small town of Craiger, Maryland. Moving to a new place is always hard but this time it is complicated by visions that Scully is having. She sees visions of murdered teens and a very public incident has now branded her a freak. She does have support from her more popular sister Melissa. She also makes a boyfriend. This boyfriend has an uncle who is a detective and investigating the mysterious deaths of teenagers. All of them seem to die in car accidents that are drug related. Still the statistics for so many in such a small community are highly suspicious. With the files that her boyfriend has access to she puts together that the teens are being killed as Jesus and his apostles died. Then they are being covered up in cleverly disguised car crashes.

Now how to get this information out. On top of this the town is a secret experiment for the evil syndicate and the murderer is part of their plans. Throw in the visions and a kooky psychic named Sunlight and his new age shop and you have a mystery filled with danger and excitement.

The second YA X-files book and now its Dana Scully’s turn. I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. Dana was the more boring of the characters on the series but Jonathan Maberry turned in a real page turner. This is the first time that I have actually read his writing and am definitely impressed. The story had some unexpected turns and stayed true to the character. Like Mulder’s story this shaped her future. In this instance her desire to go into medicine and her health skepticism. It complements the first book in the origins series perfectly.

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