Copyright 1991.

Chairman Maximov has managed to salvage two nuclear cruise missiles from a Soviet submarine sunk in the Baltic Sea. With these missiles he plans to destroy his main opponent King Shatterhand by nuking London. But he has to first get them in working order. So as a distraction he sends his agents to attempt to assassinate King Shatterhand and distract the Marauders from his true intentions. Luckily a mysterious radio transmission alerts the Marauders so its off to Germany.

There they find out that their mysterious informants are two Spetsnaz that survived WWIII and are now actively working against Maximov and his FSE goons. They also have access to a secret NATO facility with all these experimental weapons. They will need these weapons if they are to successfully assault Maximov’s fortress at Schloss Adler. A castle atop an impregnable mountain.

This is the final book in the series and the best. It was obviously written by someone different. It was more lucid than the previous books and didn’t have the left-wing rants. Now the bar was not set too high so the story was not all that special. Sort of a by the numbers action and in all honestly was mediocre. Mediocre is still a big improvement over the past books so this was probably the only book that wasn’t a complete pile of shit.

I am over 90% certain that the previous books were written by Ed Naha. The style and certain elements appeared in the Traveler series. Now I loved the Traveler series and Naha wrote some of the best so I scratch my head why he didn’t at least try to write something better. It was like he just churned something out in a half hour. In fact this whole series was just an excuse to cash in on the more superior Guardians series. While the idea was sound it was horribly executed. Now I did buy them since back in those days anything that dealt with a nuclear holocaust I would buy. So in that sense it was a success because there were probably others like me. It lasted as long as the Guardians so it probably would have continued if the Soviet Union hadn’t collapsed. At least there were signs that the publishers were trying to improve the series.

Still in the overall scheme of things this series gets a big thumbs down.

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