Copyright 1991.

The Marauders are trying to get back to England after stealing a helicopter in the Ukraine. For some reason they decide to take the scenic route over the Mediterranean. They must fly over Italy which was revealed to have been liberated by the Free West. Instead of stopping there they continue on and get shot down. They make it to shore in Spain. Now Spain has been mostly abandoned by the FSE. They are concentrating their forces on the north coast for an invasion of Britain.

Spain is mostly now overrun with roadrats, hordes of scum that are going around looting, pillaging and raping the local villages. One such group is run by Bill Beame a former American special forces who was on the run for his crimes. His gang tries to take the Marauders but ends up getting wiped out. Beame pretends to have been a prisoner of the group and luckily is an old friend of Kinski. They were buddies back in the covert war in El Hiagura. They lose Crazy Jack in the fight and can’t find him so presume he’s dead and just go on their way.

Crazy Jack isn’t dead and gets a visit from their old dead comrade Tom Bee who comes riding down on a horse and motivates Crazy Jack through bullshit new age mumbo-jumbo. He wanders around and finds some old Vietnam vets who now are hippies living in a commune. Luckily they still remember how to fight. They have been ambushing FSE troops and roadrats and have collected an impressive arsenal. Crazy Jack motives them to help him find his friends.

Which is a good thing since Kinski’s old friend Beamer is not a very good friend. He still is into the raping and pillaging and betrays the Marauders to the FSE. Luckily Crazy Jack and the hippy Vietnam vets come and save the day.

Another piece of shit in the series known as the Marauders. If there was any doubt that the guy who wrote the Traveler series also wrote this book series it was laid to rest. Roadrats and the fictional country of El Hiagura are prominent in this book as they were in Traveler. The author also changes Buddha Chan’s first name from Winston to Gold. Apparently he can’t keep the characters names straight. We find out that Kinski back in his youth was a nun raper back in his days in El Hiagura which he doesn’t bring up with his friends about old Beamer’s past. But his friends knew anyway because Kinski would talk about it in his sleep. Auugh who cares!!! This was another book with an incomprehensible plot and characters that you can’t bring yourself to give a damn about. The craptastic series continues on.

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