Copyright 1990.

The Marauders are in New Germany to organize resistance. They meet up with an old geezer who with some friends are selling guns. They found a mountain full of weapons. Unfortunately this old geezer informed the FSE that he was meeting the famous Marauders. Naturally they overreact and attack the village slaughtering ever man, woman and child. Buddha Chan stays behind to cover his friends escape and is assumed lost.

But Buddha is instead captured by the FSE. They perform brain washing on him to convince him that he is a loyal agent of the FSE and the Marauders are his sworn enemies. The Marauders meanwhile are looking for the mountain of weapons and link up with some orphans who are living in a castle run by Uzi toting monks. They eventually link up with their comrade Buddha who they manage to break the mind control. They then blow up the mountain of weapons and kill Giles Robespierre who was Maximov’s flunky. Another flunky Igor Vesensky get to feel Maximov’s wrath by having his thumb shot off.

The fourth book in the series continues its slide to utter stupidity. A plot that meanders around to a pointless ending. Once again extremely bad dialogue and writing make this a barely readable book.


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