Copyright 1990.

The forces of the the Federated States of Europe are gathering in France for an assault on Britain. King Shatterhand’s forces are still training and not yet ready. So he sends the Marauders to France to link up with the Free France movement. Unfortunately the Marauders are ambushed just off Normandy and one of their number Kinski is missing and presumed dead. But Kinski is not dead and washes up on shore where he is found by a French policeman. The policeman convinces him to join the FSE and he takes him to Jean Gallac the number two man in the FSE goon squads that terrorize the countryside. The Goon Squads go around and kill all the old people and rape the women. Gallac is a despicable child rapist who really gets off on his work. So Kinski who is nicknamed the Silver Tongue because he has a gift for lying manages to join the FSE and works from destroying it from within.

Meanwhile the other three Marauders link up with Marie Marette a big beefy Frenchwoman who is leader of the resistance. They gather the resistance forces outside Paris. This is where they link up with Kinski who they find out is alive. So Kinski uses his newfound position in the FSE to take his three comrades as prisoner to see Giles Robespierre the FSE head of France. They find out that all the troublemakers are kept prisoner in Paris and conveniently the armories are located right next to the prisoners. So they bust them out and with a stolen helicopter free France from the FSE.

Well another entry in the series has our heroes being the only ones in all of Europe who have any competence whatsoever. Indeed the FSE opponents are dumb as tree stumps. Its filled with rape and murder and the Marauders killing people by the truck load. Once again filled with bad writing, unbelievable plot, cartoon like characters and just general goofyness.


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