Copyright 1989.

Britain is now free of the Federated States of Europe and is the center of resistance. King Shatterhand now turns his attention to Ireland. A shipment of arms is coming from the black market in Iceland. It is headed for Londonderry in Northern Ireland. The FSE goon in charge of Ireland is using two families the Woodses and Clancys who are Catholic and Protestant to intercept this shipment.

So the four Marauders go to Northern Ireland to a small village where the two families are vying for control and pose as mercenaries. They kill a bunch of the Woodses men and get in as hired guns from them. They also cut a deal with the Clancys where they will pretend to work for the Woodses but really work for them. They end up killed a whole bunch of both sides men before the FSE betrays both sides and takes to guns for themselves. Luckily this unites Catholic and Protestant and they manage to kick the FSE out of Ireland.

The second book in the series is even worse than the first. It is a loose ripoff of Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars. Interesting this was a similar plot for the first Traveler book that Ed Naha wrote. Even down to the gun shipment coming through that everyone wanted. Only unlike the Traveler this is really bad. Why are the guns coming through? Why can they get away with killing all these men of the guys that the Marauders are supposed to be working for? A very convoluted plot that made little sense.

So I’ll end with a little except from the book.

They’re going to get away! Mamudi exclaimed.
Jack slid out of the jeep and slowly, casually began picking up
whatever salvageable pistols he could find in the street. “Naah,” he said with a shrug.
A minute later Kinski strode out from the long dormant ruins of the Ferngall. Jack was
busy piling the pistols in the jeep. “Any survivors?” he asked.
“Are you kidding?” Kinski asked. “Half of them shot each other.”
Mamudi still sat in the jeep, removing slivers of singed hair from his scalp.
Kinski offered him a comb. “I like it,” he said. “Very butch.”

Yes if your opponents are so incompetent they kill each other there isn’t much tension about our heroes failing that is building up.



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