Copyright 1990.

Iskander Bey is enjoying himself on the beach when suddenly a death ray shoot from the sky and incinerates his camp. Chairman Maximov now has control of the Cygnus space station and its laser. With this he can destroy any target on Earth. His next threat is directed against the United States. If the country doesn’t capitulate to his rule he will start destroying targets. He has already destroyed the Lincoln Memorial to demonstrate his power.

So the Guardians are called on. They start out on a plane going to Vandenberg AFB which has the last shuttle. A bomb smuggled on board brings the plane down in New Mexico and they have to fight road gypsies and renegade state troopers. When they get to Vandenberg they then have to deal with a general who refuses to help. Maggie Connolly the President’s chief of staff is leading a rebellion that advocates capitulation. Maximov then destroys the shuttle with his laser. Now it all comes down to the Guardians finding a private shuttle called the StarVan and launching into orbit to destroy the station.

So we are back to the good old serious threats that the Guardians have to fight. It takes them to outer space and that’s pretty cool. I do have a minor problem with them being able to fire guns in outer space. I really don’t think that is possible. I suppose NASA should try that some day. Unless they already have but aren’t sharing that with us.

This is the last book that Victor Milan wrote for the series. So in many ways this is the last Guardian book. The final two that come after never really felt like a Guardians book. Milan was the one responsible for the quality and it took a nosedive when he left. So this is his swan song and a very enjoyable book to the series.

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