Copyright 1989.

The Guardians have defeated Morrigan and his plans to unleash nerve gas on the country. Now all they have to do is mop up his followers. So with the friends they made groups are taking out the sites where the nerve gas was stored. This done the Guardians get their new assignment. Someone is targeting ethnic leaders in the western states. The prime suspect is one Ruben McKendree the leader of White Power! This seems more of a local law enforcement issue than what the Guardians mission is but the President orders them to help local law enforcement. He sees this as an opportunity to show the reassertion of Federal authority.

So the Guardians head to JFK City the new capital of Wyoming. There they report to Dr. Nicolas Brant who is the governor’s chief of staff. Together with the Special Investigation Division (SID) of the Wyoming State Police they go all over attacking groups that are alleged to be with McKendree. Something is odd though about the whole deal. The SID are very trigger happy and don’t take any prisoners. When the Guardians get some prisoners they find that they have been used. The administration is run by Brant who has an odd mixture of environmentalism that sees unassimilable immigrants as a threat to the environment. The SID has been acting as a death squad and now they set a trap for the Guardians.

Well this book was Ok but not real special. Instead of the serious larger than life threats to the nation they become pawns to a wacky tree-hugging progressive racist intent on cleansing the country. I don’t really see that happening in all places like Wyoming but every writer has his vision. This book does have the greatest excuse for forced labor I ever heard. The following is from the book:

“If that’s all voluntary,” Sloan asked, “What are the guards with the guns doing?”

“Certain antisocial elements resent being called on to fulfill their voluntary labor obligation. They’re inclined to make trouble.”

“Like, why do you call it ‘voluntary’?” Casey asked.

“The people collectively desire to do this work. Therefore it’s voluntary. To allow the individual to selfishly override the desires of the majority is undemocratic.”

So there you got it. We all have a desire to work for the collective.

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