Copyright 1986.

The Guardians have arrived back at the White House. Now they are besieged by a horde of people out to kill them. Its looking like a bad idea to come to Washington. Then a man comes with an offer to meet the head of the faction that controls the area. Soong is a former special forces operative and secret service agent. He and his Tide Camp control the area and he has been preserving the White House for the eventual return of the President. Now the Guardians have allies but they have some concerns about their new allies. While Soong appears normal his men are a bit into the warrior culture by dressing up in paint and feathers. His second in command Andy Aramyan has a very volatile personality and rubs Billy McKay the wrong way.

So now the Guardians have to unite the various warring factions in the rubble into an alliance. They have enemies. Malcolm Jabbar and his New Nation of Islam Inc. Seth Ruston and his American Union. The man pulling the strings is Maximov’s golden boy former KGB agent Ivan Vesensky. Vesensky in the guise of the Witch King is uniting the crazies in his own alliance.

So now the Guardians in this book are working to secure Washington. Since the war the city is basically divided by various gangs and factions. Such gangs as the Nuclear Winners, The Bloods, The Rebel Runners and the Super Machos compete with the others for control of territory. This was an interesting idea in having the Guardians have to form an alliance out of all the crazies. But they succeed and now have Washington as a safe base to continue the recovery of the Blueprint for Renewal. Vesensky is starting to be the main antagonist for the Guardians in this series. At the end he survived so we are sure the see more of him. He is a worthy opponent for the Guardians.

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