Copyright 1986.

The Guardians have successfully rescued President MacGregor and destroyed the Heartland complex. Now they are on their own in a hostile country hunted by the occupying Effsees. The main priority is finding a safe place for the President to reestablish the government. They find sanctuary at the town of Luxor which they had helped liberate from a renegade unit of the National Guard. The first logical choice is nearby Kansas City. The city has come through the war reasonably intact. Is centrally located and has a functioning city government. After contacting mayor Dexter White who seems agreeable to hosting the President they set out for Kansas City.

After they get there thought things don’t work out. Mayor White is a member of the Internationalist Council and loyal supporter of Chairman Maximov. He betrays them to the Effsees and the group must fight their way out of the city. Later they check out the Federal Center in Denver and that’s occupied by the Church of the New Dispensation. California is also out because of the heavy Effsee presence. Thus the only place open is Washington D.C. They manage to get a C-130 to transport them. They manage to survive an attack by an FSE F-15 and make their way through a shattered city to the abandoned White House.

So now the Guardians are on their own. They successfully destroyed their former sanctuary of Heartland and prevented Maximov from getting his hands on the Blueprint for Renewal. So this book focuses on finding a new base of operations. Washington is a risky choice. The city was hit by several nukes and is now controlled by warring gangs. Indeed they have to fight their way to the White House. The Guardians come full circle with this book. They started out fleeing mobs that attacked the White House. Now they are fighting mobs as they come back to the White House. This was another excellent entry in the series. It sets up for the next book which will deal with securing Washington.

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