Copyright 1990.

The peace talks in Paris are stalled. The North Vietnamese will not come to the table unless the bombing is halted. This is something the Americans won’t do until the North Vietnamese agree to negotiate. So there is a stalemate with neither side willing to give in. So a young diplomat comes up with an idea. They need to demonstrate that the North Vietnamese political elite are not safe. The answer is to kidnap General Giap from Hanoi. Well naturally Captain Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are at the top of the list to carry out this mission. So they assemble a team and plan to go into the heart of the enemies capital and kidnap a prominent official. Unfortunately the mission has more leaks than a hundred year old plumbing and the North Vietnamese are waiting for them.

This was a good action packed book. There is a lot of politics about the peace negotiation which I found interesting. The diplomats were trying to figure out how to notify the North Vietnamese that something was going to happen without letting out the details. Of course they failed and the commando team was ambushed. Luckily they managed to escape and along the way rescue a downed American pilot from captivity. This impresses the North Vietnamese enough for them to come to the peace talks. So it worked out in the end.

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