Copyright 1990.

Captain Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are assigned to a small special forces base along the Cambodian border. They have been monitoring the Ho Chi Mihn trail and notice very little activity. That is because the north has already infiltrated the men needed for a new offensive. Now they must find the troop concentrations so a B-52 strike can be called in. Their mission is complicated by the arrival of a new lieutenant. Lt. Connel is fresh out of ROTC and has romantic notions about combat. He has also developed a real hatred for the Vietnamese. Both north and south. After he abandons some strikers and later shoots down stunned NVA troops after a B-52 strike his men desert him. Now Gerber has to rescue him with hundreds of angry NVA after the B-52 strike.

This book was an OK one. I think the most interesting thing for his book was seeing the procedure that new arrivals in Vietnam had to go through. The story also attempts to debate what is a war crime. Lt. Connel’s actions were in somewhat of a grey area. He clearly shot down a whole bunch of soldiers who were not a threat. But was it any different from dropping bombs from high up. Well Connel is transferred to a new base farther up north. He seems to regret what he did. So this book was OK but nothing really special.

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