Copyright 1990.

Reports are coming in about a NVA officer who is staging gunfights with POWs. Nicknamed Billy the Zip he is a Vietnamese who spend some time in America and became a fan of westerns. He has taken this love to a whole new level. Dressing up with a stetson and single-action Colt he performs an old fashioned gunfight for this men to enjoy. Then the body is dumped outside an American base with a number on a piece of paper to represent the number killed. Captain Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are assigned to put a stop to this Vietnamese gunfighter.

You have to admire the writers trying to come up with new ideas for this series. This is definitely one off the wall story. Having an NVA officer dress up as a cowboy and stage gunfights is a unique idea that hasn’t been done before. Now Billy wins because be cheats. He has his sergeant hidden with a rifle to make sure that he isn’t outdrawn. He also draws early and has a woman name Miss Kitty have sex with the victim so he doesn’t get any rest. Yep this is one odd story but kind of interesting. Done by a writer whose style I don’t recognize from previous book. Of course the guy is an abject coward who when faced with a honest fight with Sgt. Fetterman begs and pleads for his life. True to form he draws early but still not quick enough. I have to give this one points for being unique and interesting.


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