Copyright 1989.

The NVA have starting to help elevate Cambodian officers into positions of power. If this continues then Cambodia may shift from being neutral to openly helping the Communists in the war. The CIA comes up with a plan to send assassination squads to take out these officers. Captain Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are assigned the job of assassinating a Cambodian general whose base is just across the border. Now it seems like a simple enough assignment. He has is worries though. Why all the effort for a minor general? The CIA will also sell out their mother to complete an assignment. These worries are proven out when they are betrayed and set up to be ambushed. Now they have to fight their way out.

This book is new in that it explores the Cambodian military. The Cambodian army is a collection of warlords that have seized power and the central government has no authority over them. The CIA has one of their men in place ready to seize control. With luck he will eventually control the military and be an asset to the American war effort. For this to happen the CIA has it arranged for this man to kill the assassins of the general and thus solidify his position. Of course they didn’t foresee how bad-ass Gerber and his Green Berets are. An interesting and action packed story with some insight into the Cambodians who so far have been out of the picture in spite of their country being the scene for many a story.

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