Copyright 1989.

A NVA terror squad is active in a region that is friendly to the government. They come in and terrorize the villagers. Kill a few of them then leave with a warning not to cooperate with the Americans or the Saigon government. The tactics are working with the people now too terrified. So Captain Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are assigned to stop this squad. They assemble a team at Tan Son Nhut to find and eliminate this terrorist squad.

So this entry in the series is kind of mediocre. Its a slow day in the war and apparently in coming up with story ideas. Most of the book deals with the antics of the helicopter squad that is assigned to them. Young nineteen year old warrant officers. They are a rebellious bunch to authority. They get in all sorts of fights when going out to the nightclubs in the area. The book picks up at the end when they eventually track down and eliminate the terror squad. Still it was a slow moving story with not much going on.

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