Copyright 1989.

Nui Ba Den or the Black Virgin Mountain is a solitary mountain that sticks out of the jungle near the Cambodian border. Deep inside are caverns that are used by the VC and NVA. Its filled with supplies and troops. A military intelligence officer investigation the buildup of NVA troops comes across info that proves the mountain is a base for the enemy. Captain Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman attempt to mount operations to destroy this base. Meanwhile the NVA are planning to ambush a convoy carrying a Congressional fact finding mission.

The third Super Vietnam Ground Zero book once again manages to keep the action going with its extra length. The action switches from the Americans planning to attack. A NVA lieutenant fresh from the north and struggling to learn the ropes. There is also the congressional aid as he navigates the sleazy politics of the fact finding mission. I like that this one gives the perspective from the North Vietnamese side. Lt. Thanh is someone you can be sympathetic with. He makes some mistakes and has genuine fear. He dies thinking himself a coward when he was quite brave. The Senator is also all too believable. A womanizing sleazy ball who manipulates the facts and proves himself an abject coward when the ambush is sprung. A good balanced look from all sides in this book.


  1. Tuck

    I’m trying to find a Vietnam War book, paperback printed sometime before 1988…it was American Army or Marines, one of the main guys comes back from RnR? With a recipe for homemade napalm, there’s a big battle, body count is very important…that’s all i remember! It’s been driving me nuts for so long and NO ONE has been able to help! Hoping you might know the title and author??? Thanks for your time.

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