Copyright 1989.

Reports are coming that an American deserter is leading the VC in attacks against Americans. Robin Morrow gets invited along by CIA agent Maxwell to go investigate in Cambodia. They find out that it was a planted story. The VC used it to lure a journalist there so that they could get a journalist to tell the war from their side. Meanwhile Robin’s boyfriend Captain Gerber leads a rescue mission into Cambodia. While there Sgt. Fetterman gets separated and finds himself at a firebase about to be attacked. A side story has Dirty Shirt Crawley going to Arlington cemetery to bury a friend and all the weird people he encounters.

This book was I think written by the same person who wrote Red Dust. Like his last one this had just a whole bunch of goofy things going on. There was the overweight prostitute at the airport that propositioned Dirty Shirt. A CIA helicopter pilot that had a pet rattlesnake that he used to win fights against mongooses. The strange scene where Sgt. Fetterman comes on a family of Montagnards having a barbecued dog and is invited to join in. The kooky over the top Colonel at the firebase. It was all very surreal and while interesting at the end it just wasn’t a satisfying read. The book had several stories going on at once that never really went anywhere. Not my favorite in the series.

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