Copyright 1989.

It is known as the Thanh Hoa bridge or Dragon’s Jaw in English. It is major railroad bridge that spans the Song Ma river. It is vital for the flow of supplies from the northern ports to the Ho Chi Minh trail. It is also heavily defended with SAM sites and AAA. The Air Force has tried numerous times to destroy it without any luck. So it is decided that maybe a mission to destroy it on the ground by a commando strike would succeed. Naturally Captain Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are picked for this mission. A recon to scout the bridge shows that it can’t be brought down that way. Unfortunately for them they cross a CIA agent by not going to find a missing team. So this vindictive agent arranges for them to go on the mission as a diversion for another secret mission. Meanwhile an American journalist delegation is about to visit the site.

So another mission into the North. Once again there is interference by the bureaucrats in their air-conditioned offices. This time a real dickweed of a CIA agent. Still they manage to mount a successful mission. They come up with a plan to take out the air defenses on the ground thus opening the way for a successful airstrike. What was interesting about this book is that we get a glimpse of live in North Vietnam. We find out how American’s would travel into North Vietnam and through the American journalist delegation how life is albeit through a heavy sanitized controlled visit by their Vietnamese hosts. Another enjoyable entry in the series.

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