Copyright 1988.

A VC is using the airwaves to lure Americans into a trap. He speaks like an American and knows the radio terms that are used. They will later find American helicopter crews butchered. The survivors horribly disfigured. This is a psychological ploy to have disfigured vets come home to demoralize the war effort. He also calls down artillery strikes on American patrols. The military wants this individual stopped so Sgt. Fetterman leads the unit responsible for tracking down this VC. Meanwhile Gerber is assigned a mission to fly on a special mini-helicopter and drop homing devices so the B-52s can hit NVA troops massing at Khe Sanh.

Moon Cussers come from the nineteenth century and were unscrupulous men that would go on moonless nights with a potbelly stove. They would simulate a lighthouse and lure ships onto the rocks and then loot the cargo. They cussed the moon because they could not ply their trade when it was out. An interesting historical tidbit and explains the title. The NVA in question is a American college educated man so that is how he can speak like an American. He also has been make fun of all his life because of his short size so has a lot of axes to grind. He gets off on the power he now exercises as a NVA major. He of course finally gets his just deserts. An interesting idea for a villain and an enjoyable entry in this series.

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