Copyright 1988.

An Air Force recon mission shows pictures of what looks like a POW compound being build just fifty miles north of the DMZ. This seems like the enemy is daring the US to raid this compound and rescue the hostages. The decision is made to form a strike force to possibly infiltrate and rescue the POWs inside this compound. Captain Mack Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are tasked with leading a recon mission to the compound and confirm if there are POWs being kept there. They find instead that there are Soviet Spetsnaz training North Vietnamese. The leadership decides that Soviet troop commitment to Vietnam is unacceptable. So this rescue mission now becomes a mission to go in and kill every Russian in the place.

This is the first Super Vietnam: Ground Zero book in the series. Gold Eagle loved to periodically put out these giant sized books in their series. Basically its the same series just triple the size of the regular books. The writers did a good job on this. They kept me interested in the story and I didn’t feel any padding was involved. The story went from the Air Force intelligence officers who discover the compound. To the generals in the Pentagon who plan the raid. The Colonel who assembles the force. The Spetsnaz that are training the NVA. It all comes to a exciting conclusion in the final chapter. Well done for keeping the story going for a raid that lasts for twenty-two minutes.

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