Copyright 1988.

It is after Tet in the area northwest of Saigon known as the Iron Triangle. A company of American soldiers are stationed there. Almost all of the men and officers are drunk and high on dope. They don’t stand a chance when the VC attack and wipe them out. The high command is worried about the growing use of drugs among the soldiers. Evidence points to the VC as the culprits in flooding the market with cheap drugs. Thus Captain Mack Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division of the MPs. There job is the infiltrate the criminal element in Saigon and cut off the flow of cheap drugs.

Now Gerber is thrown into something he has no training in and seems another ill conceived plan. Still they manage to go into it with some success. With the help of their CIA friend they manage to ambush a VC payroll and launder the money in Hong Kong. With the money they get a meeting with the top drugpin and take his organization out along with the VC bringing in the drugs.

So this book deals with the drug trade during the war. Gerber is thrown into police work which is a new angle to explore the war. It is a combination police investigation, espionage and so good old action. The story takes place from the jungles of Cambodia, to Hong Kong to the streets of Saigon. I enjoyed the story. It manages to keep the series fresh with a new perspective.

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