Copyright 1988.

Captain Mack Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are assigned to investigate Special Forces camp A-337 near the tiny village of Plei Soi. Intelligence indicates a buildup of VC in the area for a possible assault. Command wants Gerber to evaluate the situation if the camp can hold or should it be abandoned. When the two arrive they find evidence of preparations for a major assault. The local villagers were recently driven off to prepare an escape route to Cambodia. Soon after monsoon rains drench the area grounding all air operations. Under cover of the weather the VC attack. Now the special forces inside the camp must hold out until help arrives.

This was an exciting story with a lot of action. The first book in the series dealt with defending a camp but this one was more exciting. The enemy actually manages to take the walls and almost completely overrun the camp. Gerber once again is disgusted with the attitude of the high command. They would rather move the camp to avoid any action when clearly the camp is a major thorn in the sides of the VC. Its impossible to fight a war when the soldiers are not allowed to engage the enemy.

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